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15-Month Step Up Fixed Deposit
(Deposit Receipt)

Grow your fund and enjoy higher interest rate at every step.

  • Interest starting from 1.50% to maximum rate at 2.50%
  • Receive interest monthly

Month Interest Rate (per annum)
1 - 3 1.50 %
4 - 6 1.65 %
7 - 9 1.75 %
10 - 12 1.85 %
13 - 15 2.50 %

Average interest rate = 1.85% per annum
Deposit period from 3 September2018 – 29 March 2019

Account Opening Conditions

  • For individual customers only. One account per one customer.
  • On the date of account opening, the applicant shall complete the 15th year of age.
  • “For”, “By” account, group of person account and all joint accounts (“And”, “Or”) are not applicable to this product.
  • Minimum initial deposit of Baht 100,000 and each subsequent deposit of Baht 50,000 are required.

Other Conditions

  • The maturity date means the date falling 15 months from each date of depositing which shall be calculated from date-to-date and month-to-month. In case the maturity date falls on a bank holiday, the maturity date will be the following business day.
  • Interest will be paid on a monthly basis and will be transferred to the savings/current account registered to receive the interest. All interest paid are subject to withholding tax. The first interest payment is on October 1, 2018.
  • The Customer shall remain a deposit period of  3 months onwards from the date of depositing, the Bank then shall pay interest at the rate announced in each period, for the actual deposit period.
  • Partial withdrawals are not allowed. Account shall be closed at the branch where it was opened only.
  • If funds are withdrawn before the maturity date and deposit period is less than 3 months from the date of depositing, the Bank shall pay interest rate of 0.5 percent per annum according to the actual deposit period. The Customer will receive principal and interest calculated after deduction of interest paid (including withholding tax). The customer may ask for a refund of the withholding tax from the Revenue Department by him/herself.
  • At the maturity date, if the Customer has not otherwise notified the Bank, it shall be considered that the Bank will pay interest at the rate of 0.50 percent per annum calculated on the actual numbers of day elapse as from the maturity date.

Apply Now!
Please call ICBC (Thai) Call Center at 0 2629 5588 or visit any of our branches nationwide for more information from our experienced specialists.
Please kindly submit the following documents:

  • An original ID card for Thai residents
  • In case  information in ID card is not able to be verified, kindly further submit the documents as follows;
    - a copy of ID card, or
    - an original valid driver license showing photo and ID number, or
    - an original of any identity card issued by government agency showing photo and ID number, e.g. a government or state enterprise officer card, and
    - a copy of house registration
  • Passport, and Work Permit or other documents determined by the Bank for non-residents


  • Information herein is for reference only. The Bank reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend the terms and conditions.
  • Please refer to announcements, regulations and fee rates posted on the website or at our branches for further details.
  • In case of any disagreement/dispute, the Bank’s decision is final.
  • The deposit and accrued interest are under the protection of the laws regarding the Deposit Protection Agency as per the amount and conditions stipulated therein.
  • A tax exemption privilege shall be in accordance with the regulations of the Revenue Department.

15-Month Step Up Fixed Deposit Sales Sheet