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Smart Combo Deposit

The Bank will terminate the Smart Combo Deposit on 15 February 2017.

Any customer making a premium payment by 14 February 2017 will be able to make one deposit transaction within 1 month from the date of premium payment.


Sound financial planning with maximum life protection!
Choose from our various life insurance products and earn up to 3.00% interest rates on your fixed deposit accounts.

• You can choose a 6-month or 12-month fixed deposit term according to your financial plan.
• Deposit in short term savings accounts and receive tax deduction privileges from life insurance.
• Receive cash back during the contractual period with competitive returns.

Simply purchase any life insurance policy to receive the special interest rate for fixed deposit account as per the conditions below:

Insurance Type

Maximum Deposit Amount

Interest Rate for 12-Month Fixed Deposit
(per year)

Interest Rate for 6-Month Fixed Deposit
(per year)

Endowment 10/5 4X 1st year premium amount
Smart Value 15/7 4X 1st year premium amount
Retirement 60/5 4X 1st year premium amount
Value Protection 25/15 4X 1st year premium amount
Family Care 99/5 4X 1st year premium amount
Family Care Plus 99/5 4X 1st year premium amount
Smart Savings 10/2 = 1st year premium amount

1. Customer who purchases any life insurance policy from Thai Life Insurance (PCL.), through ICBC (Thai) with a minimum sum assured of each type of insurance as required by the Bank, will be eligible for a special interest rate from the 6-month or 12-month fixed deposit account. Please refer to the above table for the special rate and maximum deposit amount.
2. Only 1 deposit transaction per customer is allowed within 1 month from the premium payment date.
3. Minimum deposit amount Baht 50,000.
4. Customer can choose only 1 fixed deposit term; 6 or 12 months, either passbook or deposit receipt (DR). Interest will be paid on the maturity date.
5. Customer can choose to open an account/ deposit in the account under following account name;
• The insured’s name; or
• The insurance payer’s name; or
• The beneficiary name
6. “For”, “By”, body of persons and all joint accounts (“And”, “Or”) are not eligible for this program.
7. Customer must make the first year premium payment to be able to make the deposit. The deposit must be made at the same branch that the customer purchased the insurance policy.
8. On the maturity date, if the customer has not otherwise notified the Bank, it shall be considered that the deposit is automatically renewed for the same deposit term and the normal interest rate as per the Bank’s announcement at that time will be applied.
9. If at first the customer purchases the insurance policy and informs the Bank not to join the program, he/she cannot later ask to join the program.
10. This fixed deposit cannot be used as collateral.
11. The acceptance of insurance proposal is at the sole discretion of Thai Life Insurance (PCL.).
12. If the insurance proposal is rejected by the insurance company or cancelled by the customer prior to fixed deposit maturity date, the Bank will pay the normal 6-month or 12-month fixed deposit interest rate according to the Bank’s announcement at the time of deposit.
13. The Bank will pay interest at the rate of 0.50 percent per annum if the deposit is withdrawn prior to its maturity date.
14. Partial withdrawal is not allowed.
15. The Bank reserves the right to pay a normal fixed deposit interest rate in case any deposit amount is made after the 1-month period (from premium payment date) or on the 2nd transaction onwards.
16. If it is later found that any deposit in the customer’s account exceeds the maximum limit set by the Bank, the Bank reserves the right to withdraw the amount over the limit and apply the normal interest rate according to the Bank’s announcement at the time of deposit. The amount within the limit will still receive the special rate of this program.

Apply Now!
Please call ICBC (Thai) Call Center at 0 2629 5588 or visit any of our branches nationwide for more information from our experienced specialists.

• Purchasing life insurance policy is a long-term commitment. An early termination of policy usually involves high costs and the surrender value payable (if any) may be less than the total premium paid. The details, terms, and conditions of any insurance product are in accordance with Thai Life Insurance (PCL.) policies.
• A Tax deduction privilege is applicable to certain types of insurance product which shall be in accordance with the regulations of the Revenue Department.
• ICBC (Thai) only acts as an insurance broker. For further inquiries regarding the life insurance products, please contact Thai Life Insurance (PCL.) Tel. 0 2247 0247.
• Interest rates, fees and conditions are subject to the Bank’s announcement. Please refer to announcements, regulations and fee rates prescribed on the Bank’s website or at branches for more details
• The Bank reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the Bank’s decision is final.
• The deposit shall be under the protection of the laws regarding the Deposit Protection Agency as per the amount and conditions stipulated therein.