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Get up to USD 50 off when spending at participating online merchants with ICBC UnionPay Credit Card (Today – 30 Jun 2020)

  • Advance registration is required for specified Real-Time Flash Sale promotions in order to receive the relevant discount. The information provided via officially designated UnionPay International channels is final.
  • Following successful registration, approximately one minute is required for the registration to come into effect, after which time the cardholder may participate in the promotion.
  • In Flash Sale promotions for which registration is required, the information provided on the registration form is final. In case of errors, all special offers will be null and void.
  • When the cardholder's participation in the promotion begins, UnionPay International will send a text message to the cellphone number supplied by the cardholder at registration, providing details of discounts. This includes, but is not limited to, the actual payment amounts and discounted amounts calculated in the local currency.
  • The e-receipt will indicate original amount of bill without discount, even though the discount is applied. Please refer to transaction SMS, bank statement or bank application for actual payment amount.
  • The original transaction amount is the amount shown on the purchase order on the merchant's website. The actual payment amount may differ depending on fees deducted by the card issuer. The information provided by the card issuer is final. If the transaction amount is not U.S. dollar, the threshold of enjoying the discount and the discount amount are equal to U.S. dollar.
  • For queries regarding the application of discounts upon completion of the transaction, the cardholder may telephone the customer service hotline number at 001-800-800-955156 or 0018-001-2066-5999.
  • For authorized transactions, the discount is calculated based on the invoice amount, and the maximum discount is calculated based on the authorized amount.
  • This promotion is only applicable to online transactions with designated merchants.
  • In case of refunds or returns, only the actual amount paid by the cardholder is refunded. It does not include the amount discounted in the Flash Sale.
  • During the promotional period, the number of discounted transactions is limited to five per UnionPay card. Participation in the promotion is limited, for all UnionPay cards issued from all banks in Thailand and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis in the order in which actual transactions are made, ending at such time as the maximum allocation has been reached.
  • For all other terms and conditions, the information on the official UnionPay International website is final.
  • Please click the link below to download the UnionPay International app
  • This Real-Time Flash Sale promotion is conducted by UnionPay International. However, UnionPay International is not the provider of any products and/or services, and bears no liability for the products and/or services.
  • In case of divergence between the Chinese and English clauses, the English version will prevail in all cases.

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