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Capital Information
The Bank has issued 1,521,739,129 preferred shares, divided into 561,826,087 Class A preferred shares and 959,913,042 Class B preferred shares. The entire 959,913,042 Class B preferred shares have been listed and traded in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) as from May 3, 2000. The Bank had voluntary delisted from the SET since 19 March 2011.

The preferential rights of both classes of preferred shares will mature in 10 years commencing from November 23, 1999.

The holders of both classes of preferred shares are entitled to convert their shares into the Bank’s common shares at the ratio of 1:1 pursuant to the Rules, Conditions and Procedures for the Conversion of Preferred Shares stipulated by the Bank.

All Class A preferred shares were already converted into ordinary shares.

Capital Structure as of June 6, 2022

Registered Capital, Baht 8.92 par value 20,107,099,047.12 Baht 2,254,159,086 Shares

Ordinary Shares, Baht 8.92 par value 20,103,152,562.60 Baht 2,253,716,655 Shares
Preferred Shares, Baht 8.92 par value 3,946,484.52 Baht 442,431 Shares
Total Issued and Fully Paid-up Share Capital 20,107,099,047.12 Baht 2,254,159,086 Shares

Applications for stock conversion
Preferred share-B
Rules for stock conversion
Preferred share-B