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Message from Chairman on Sustainability
Dear All Shareholders and Valued Customers,

      During its 13 years of operations in Thailand, ICBC (Thai) Group has been adhering to the principle of good governance, creating value for its stakeholders in accordance with its mission to be a valuable local bank and a bridge connecting the economies of Thailand and China in order to strengthen the economic and societal ties between the two countries. Moreover, the Bank places importance on prudent risk management adopting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations as the guideline for setting the sustainable development of the Bank for the long-term benefit of the stakeholders and sustainable future of all parties.
      As the Bank’s aim is to grow hand in hand with the Thai society sustainably thus has set its sustainable operations based on 3 main factors: Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) which are the main elements of sustainability.   
      For the first factor, environment, the Bank aims to be a financial institution that promotes sustainable economic activities and gives importance to green development by determining environment as one of the factors for consideration of loans and investments. The Bank also intends to reduce and avoid engaging in financial transactions that could have adverse effect on the environment to create financial ecosystem that is environmentally friendly and uses innovation and technology to develop financial products and services that answer the needs of its customers. Moreover, the Bank strives to be a green organization by using environmentally friendly materials in its Head Office as well as encouraging staff to participate in various activities aiming to reduce impacts on the environment and sustainable utilization of natural resources.
      The second factor, social responsibility, the Bank held many social activities focusing on youth development as youths are the future of the country. In 2022, the Bank granted scholarships to 21 undergraduate students who had good academic records but lacked funds in order to help with their expenses. Moreover, as a financial institution, the Bank provided basic financial literacy to the public through various communication channels of the Bank on a regular basis. It also held knowledge sharing events on savings, investment and financial threats to undergraduate students in order to cultivate financial discipline not only for their own good but ultimately for the public as a whole.
      Furthermore, in the past year, ICBC (Thai) Group provided financial assistance to all types of loan customers who were affected by the COVID-19 situation through various measures to help them make it through this difficult time.
      For personnel, the Bank recognizes that employees are valuable resources of the Bank, therefore, focuses on personal development and creation of a knowledge-based organization as well as providing employee benefits and welfare that cover the employees and their families. The Bank also offers equitable opportunities for career advancement. 
      As for governance, the Bank adheres to the principle of good corporate governance, transparent business operations, compliance with law and regulations and fair treatment to all customers. The Bank also has systematic and effective risk management in order to reduce any possible risk while observing the elements of data governance such as the management, protection and safe keeping of personal data in line with the Personal Data Protection Act and guidelines of the Bank of Thailand and ICBC Head Office. 
      ICBC Group recognizes the importance of being a socially responsible organization thus focuses on operating its business with sustainability for the betterment of the Thai society and its stakeholders and for the sustainable future of all.

Mr. Yimin Hu
Chairman of the Board of Directors