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Import Letter of Credit

Application for Import Letter of Credit (Physical Letter of Credit / Online Letter of Credit via Corporate Internet Banking).

Make goods and services purchase in abroad easier and Guarantee payment to your exporters.

For importers who would like to open Letter of Credit (hereinafter “L/C”) to settle payments with exporters, ICBC (Thai) will open L/C at your request on the courter (“Physical L/C”) or via corporate internet banking (“Online L/C). Once all received documents from the exporter’s bank are correct and complied, we will proceed for payment (or acceptance) to exporters.

Features and Benefits
• Fast delivery of L/C to your exporters via ICBC Group’s worldwide network and widely-accepted international banks.
• Excellent reputation of ICBC giving your exporters great convenience to use the L/C for the purpose.
• More conveniences to use Online Letter of Credit 
    - Without going outside to Open Letter of Credit 
    - Save time & Higher efficiency 
    - Lower costs 
    - Acknowledge the transaction in real time
• Rich variety of L/C upon your requirements: 
    - Sight payment 
    - Negotiation 
    - Acceptance payment 
    - Deferred payment 
    - Transferable 
    - Back-to-back
• Extensive services covering L/C Payment-on-behalf (Trust Receipt), Bill of Lading Endorsement, Delivery Order Endorsement and Shipping Guarantee

• Your company must be rated by us with an approved credit line.
• Your company may be required to pay the security deposit and guarantee on the difference between the L/C amount and security deposit.

Apply Now!
Visit any of our branches nationwide or contact ICBC (Thai) Call Center for more information from our experienced specialists.

• Information herein is for reference only. The Bank reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend the terms and conditions.
• Please refer to announcements, regulations and fee rates posted on the website or at our branches for further details.