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Financing against Offshore Deposit

Taking your business forward without limits

Seek funding to help smoothen your daily operations or to expand your business? ICBC (Thai)’s Financing against Offshore Deposit(FOAD)is your right choice. If you have the offshore deposit with any branch/subsidiary of ICBC Group, it can be pledged as collateral at that branch/subsidiary for applying loan in Thailand.

Features and Benefits
• Secure the credit line up to 95% of the pledged offshore deposit.
• Turn your offshore deposit into funds to support your business. The offshore deposit account can be in any currency with all branches/subsidiaries of ICBC Group around the world.
• Concise approval process. With our quick approval process, you can be ensured that your business needs will be fulfilled promptly.

• The borrower can be personal customer or corporate customer, Thai residents or non-residents.
• The depositor must be corporate customer and sign the Maximum Amount Pledge Agreement and the Financing Guarantee / Standby L/C Agreement
• Financial status, repayment abilities, and the purpose of the loan will be of importance for our consideration. 
• Tenor of loan depends upon the tenor of pledged offshore deposit.
• No NPL/Restructured/Rehabilitation/Compromised/Debt correction record or not on the process of Restructured/Rehabilitation/Compromised with any financial institutions.

Apply Now!

Visit any of our branches nationwide or contact ICBC (Thai) Call Center for more information from our experienced specialists. Submit the following documents for each application:

Personal Customers
• ID Card for Thai residents
• Passport, Work Permit (if any) for non-residents
• House registration
• Marriage certificate
• Other financial and business operation documents as required by our Bank
Corporate Customers
• Copy of affidavit, issued within 6 months
• Copy of memorandum of association and articles of association (if any)
• Copy of shareholders’ list
• Company profile
• Bank Statement of main banks and others (last 6 months)
• Financial Statement (last 3 years)/ current VAT documents
• Other documents as required by our Bank

• Information herein is for reference only. The Bank reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend the terms and conditions.
• Please refer to announcements, regulations and fee rates posted on the website or at our branches for further details.
• The Bank reserves the right to approve credit facilities in accordance with the criteria of the Bank.