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Oriented Property Financing for SME

Achieving your business growth to its full potential

If you are an SME business owner looking for funds to support your business or for expansion, ICBC (Thai) is ready to assist you with its Oriented Property Financing (OPF). Simply use your business asset as collateral with us, we offer credit line up to 100% with a concise approval process to strengthen your business.

Features and Benefits
• Fast - Approval process within 12 business days (from the application signing date)
• Flexible - Quickly turn your business asset into funds.
• Clear - Organize your financial plan efficiently due to fixed terms of repayment period.
• High Credit Line - Just place your business asset as the collateral, and have the credit line up to 100% of the collateral value.

• For customers operating SME business for at least 3 years with net profit consecutively.
• Business asset placed as collateral, such as office building, factory, school, restaurant, etc., must be asset with active business activities. The asset must generate stable cash flow.
• The amount of approved credit line depends on the value of assets and prospective cash flow discounted relevant to loan tenor.
• Maximum tenor of medium and long term loan is up to 7 years. Short-term loan (Overdraft or Lending against promissory note) may be provided but not over 20% of credit line subject to the Bank’s consideration.
• No NPL/Restructured/Rehabilitation/Compromised/Debt correction record or on the process with any financial institutions.

Apply Now!

Visit any of our branches nationwide or contact ICBC (Thai) Call Center for more information from our experienced specialists. Submit the following documents for each application:
• Copy of affidavit, issued within 6 months
• Copy of memorandum of association and articles of association (if any)
• Copy of shareholders’ list
• Company profile
• Bank Statement of main banks and others (last 6 months)
• Financial Statement (last 3 years)/ current VAT documents
• Other documents as required by our Bank

• Information herein is for reference only. The Bank reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend the terms and conditions.
• Please refer to announcements, regulations and fee rates posted on the website or at our branches for further details.
• The Bank reserves the right to approve credit facilities in accordance with the criteria of the Bank.