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Export L/C Bill Negotiation/Discount

Break the boundary of insufficient fund to fuel your export business

Export L/C Bill Negotiation: After submission of all documents as pledge, ICBC (Thai) offers credit to you before the payment from your importer. 

Export L/C Bill Discount: After submission of all documents and a payment commitment from the L/C issuing bank, we offer credit to you before the payment from your importer.

Features and Benefits

• Settle the F/X in advance, mitigate the risk from exchange rate
• Credit offered can be as high as 100% of the L/C amount

• Your company must be rated by us with an approved credit line. Or credit ratings of L/C opening bank or confirming bank must comply with our rules.
• For first-time application, you must sign Master Agreement on Export L/C Bill Negotiation/ Discount with us.
• Documents have no discrepancy.
• To ensure the smooth application, please inform your importer to use a bank of higher rating for L/C opening or confirmation.
• You can check the credibility of L/C opening Bank and confirming bank with us.

Apply Now!

Visit any of our branches nationwide or contact ICBC (Thai) Call Center for more information from our experienced specialists.  Submit the following documents for each application:
• Export L/C Bill Negotiation/Discount Application Form
• Other documents as required by our Bank

Information herein is for reference only. The Bank reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend the terms and conditions.
Please refer to announcements, regulations and fee rates posted on the website or at our branches for further details.