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Property for Cash
Benefit from your property value to fund all your needs.
If you are looking for funds to support your financial needs, simply bring your property such as house, land, or commercial property and turn it into loan with Property For Cash, provided by ICBC (Thai). With our fixed monthly repayment plan, you can confidently manage your finances.

Features and Benefits
• Simple – benefit from this multipurpose loan by using your own property as mortgage collateral.
• Fast - receive your funds within 7 business days, from the receiving date of the application with complete documents.
• High Credit Line - up to 70% of your collateral value with a maximum of THB 15 million.
• Under Your Control – better manage your spending with our fixed installment plan.

• The applicant can be either Personal Customers or small enterprises.
• Tenor of the loan generally is from 1 year up to 10 years.
• For Personal Customers, the applicant’s age adding to the tenor of the loan must not exceed 75 years.
• For employees, your working experience shall be at least 2 years.
• For entrepreneurs or small enterprises, the business shall be operated for at least 2 years with no history of cheque return due to insufficient fund for the last 6 months unless with a justifiable reason.
• The types of mortgage collateral can be land and existing structure such as vacant land, single detached house, townhouse, condominium, commercial building, or warehouse.
• The collateral must be in good condition and the property’s ownership must be legally valid.
• No NPL/Restructured/Rehabilitation/Compromised/Debt correction record or not on the process of Restructured/Rehabilitation/Compromised with any financial institutions.

Apply Now!
Visit any of our branches nationwide or contact ICBC (Thai) Call Center for more information from our experienced specialists. Submit the following documents for each application:

Personal Customers (employees or entrepreneurs)
• ID Card for Thai residents
• Passport and Work Permit for non-residents
• House registration
• Marriage certificate, divorce certificate, spouse’s death certificate
• Name/ Surname change certificate
• Bank statement for the past 6 months. In case the income is seasonal, please provide the bank statement of at least 1 year.
• For employees: the latest original salary slip or original salary certification issued within 3 months.
• For entrepreneur: copy of commercial registration certificate, issued within 6 months.
• Other financial and business operation documents as required by our Bank.

Small Enterprises
• Copy of affidavit, issued within 6 months
• Copy of memorandum of association and articles of association (if any)
• Copy of shareholders’ list
• Bank statement of main banks and others for the past 6 months. In case the income is seasonal, the bank statement shall be required for at least 1 year.
• Financial statement/current VAT documents (if any)
• Other documents as required by our Bank

Collateral Documents
• All documents showing property or land ownership i.e. a copy of land’s title deed, Nor Sor 3Kor, condominium/commercial building’s title deed (with all pages of the registration shown)
• Other documents as required by our Bank

• This Property for Cash service for new customer is now temporary suspended. Please be informed accordingly.