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SME Service

With You Towards Growth

Seize your business opportunities with the world’s leading bank and our highly experienced team full of insights. ICBC (Thai) offers a wide range of products and services to assist you in growing your SME business regardless of its size.

Empower Your Limitless Potential!

SME Credit Facilities
Pursue greater future for your business with our personalized packages of lending products and services addressing your unique business needs, including short-term loan, long-term loan, working capital, and international trade finance, etc.

• Working Capital
Add liquidity to your business with our Overdraft (O/D) and Promissory Note (P/N) to meet your requirements and enable you to manage your business more efficiently.
• International Trade Finance
Step into the global market with confidence. As one of the world’s top banks, we offer various international trade finance products - Letters of Credit (L/C), Trust Receipts (T/R), Packing Credit (P/C), Export Bills for Collection, International Transfers, Foreign Exchange Trade and Hedging.
• Guarantee / Acceptance
Feel at ease with our one-stop service for issuance of Letters of Guarantee, Aval and Acceptance, Standby L/C, and Certificate of Finance to increase your business credibility.
• Oriented Property Financing (OPF)
Surpass any capital constraint by leveraging the equity in your properties. Our financing solution offers credit limits up to THB50 million with terms up to 7 years at a low interest rate of MLR-1 %, which can be secured by using your active business assets as collateral.

Now ready to serve you!

If you are the owner of a business that has been in operations for more than 3 years with good financial performance and credit record, our specialized team at ICBC (Thai) is delighted to be at your service and answer to all your business needs. 
For more information, please contact ICBC (Thai)
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