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Apartment Business Financing

Turn your apartment into capital to fulfill all your financial needs!
ICBC (Thai) offers you our Apartment Business Financing loan that allows you to use your rental apartment as collateral for cash to be applied for various purposes whether for refinancing, enhanced liquidity for your apartment business, renovation or even for maintenance of your apartment. We offer high credit lines, low interest rates and fixed monthly repayments so you can manage your finances with confidence.

Features and Benefits
• Simply use your apartment business as collateral to receive loan with credit lines from 10-50 million Baht, but not over 70% of collateral value.
• Get additional Stand-by loan, available for draw down every 3 years with credit lines of up to 2.5 million Baht for each drawdown.
• Enjoy low interest rates and tenors of up to 15 years plus additional 3 years for Stand-by loan.
• Manage your financial plan effectively with our fixed installment plan.

Interest Rate
Interest is calculated on a daily basis.
• The interest rate of Master Loan will be lower in case the Customer takes out a Credit Life Policy through the Bank.
 Case  Refinancing Non-refinancing
With Credit Life 1st year           MLR-3%
2nd - 15th year    MLR-1%
1st year         MLR-1.5%
2nd - 15th year  MLR-1%
Without Credit Life 1st year         MLR-2.5%
2nd - 15th year  MLR-1%
1st-15th year      MLR-1%

 • The rate for Stand-by Loan is MLR-1%

• For individual or juristic customers.
• Business shall be in operations for at least 24 months.
• In case of refinancing from another financial institution, the customer must have a loan payment record of at least 24 installments.
• Customers must have good credit history, no record of over 30 days past due payment during the past 12 months.
• No NPL or debt restructuring record with any financial institution.
• Individual customer age shall not exceed 75 years at the end of the loan tenor.
• Stand-by loan will be cancelled if the customer has a record of over 30 days past due payment during the last 3 years prior to a Stand-by loan drawdown.
• In case the customer applies the life insurance through the Bank, the insurance company must approve the insurance for the customer within 45 days from the first drawdown date. If the policy will not be approved by the insurance company within such specified period in whatever reasons, the Bank reserves the right to adjust the applicable interest rate of loan contract from the rate applicable to the customer applying the insurance to the rate applicable to the customer not applying the insurance commencing from the first drawdown date.

• This Apartment Business Financing service for new customer is now temporary suspended. Please be informed accordingly.