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Service Fee

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Thai) Public Company Limited
Table 3, Service Charges, Penalties related to  Deposits, Loans and Other Service Charges
Effective from December 18, 2020

 C. Other Service Charges

Service Charges 


 1 ICBC Personal Internet Banking Service    
   1.1 Registration    
     1.1.1 Joining fee No Charge  
     1.1.2 Annual fee No Charge  
   1.2 Authentication Service Fee No Charge  
   1.3 Funds Transfer (to pre-registered accounts only)    
     1.3.1 Transfer between registered accounts No Charge  
     1.3.2 ICBC (Thai) Transfer - to other person's account at ICBC (Thai) No Charge  
     1.3.3 To other bank accounts - Realtime No Charge  
     1.3.4 To other bank accounts - Sameday 20 Baht/Transaction  
     1.3.5 To other bank accounts - Nextday 12 Baht/Transaction  
     1.3.6 To other bank accounts - Bahtnet 150Baht/Transaction  
     The payee's bank will make additional charges as detailed below:    
     - Payee's bank accounts located in Bangkok or its suburbs



Bank will be


     - Payee's bank accounts located in provincial area 100Baht/Transaction

plus Inter-region

transfer fee


Bank will be


   1.4 Outward Remittance    
     1.4.1 Personal CNY Remittance to China 350Bath/Transaction  
     1.4.2 ICBC Cross Border / ICBC EXPRESS No Charge  
     1.4.3 Cross Border Remittance (SWIFT) 250Baht/Transaction  
   1.5 ICBC Messaging Service    
     1.5.1 Joining fee No Charge  
     1.5.2 Monthly fee No Charge  
   1.6 Bill Payment

Less than 5 Baht/


   1.7 Promptpay eWallet Topup

No Charge



Service Fee for Internet Banking