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Online Self Registration

Now the customers who have difficulty to contact the Bank branch, can apply for the ICBC Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking by yourself online with conditions below;
- Not applicable for existing ICBC Personal Internet Banking Customers
- Customers shall register with Debit Card or Credit Card Number
- Only inquiry function is available for the self-registration user.

If customers would like to use other financial transaction services, such as money transfer, online account and else, customers may need to visit us at any branches to request for the authentication payment.

Self-Registration for Internet Banking
1.1 Go to ICBC (Thai) website and click "Personal Banking" at left.

1.4 Recheck confirmation page and then click ‘Ok’.
1.5 Confirmation status will be shown.

Self-Registration for Mobile Banking
2.1 Open ICBC Mobile Banking.

2.5 Fill the form and click ‘submit’.

- When transaction is completed (successful), customers can logon ICBC Personal Internet Banking through personal computer or mobile application by input card number and password which had been set during registration process.
- Please call ICBC (Thai) Call Center at 0 2629 5588, or visit any of our branches nationwide for more information from our experienced specialists.

1.2 Click ‘Apply Internet Banking Online’. 1.3 Fill the form and click ‘Submit’. 2.2 Click Icon ‘ICBC Mobile Banking’ and set Region to ‘Thailand’. 2.3 Select ‘Me’ and ‘Login’. 2.4 Select ‘Self-service registration’. 2.6 Recheck confirmation page and then click ‘Ok’. 2.7 Confirmation status will be shown.