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Redeem Point to Cash Back Program

ICBC (Thai) Credit Card Points Redemption
    For the purposes of this Program, the following words are defined as follows:
  • ' Account Terms and Conditions' are the terms and conditions of the card account of the member and / or cardholder agreement that govern your card account.
  • ' Cardholder, You, Your'; refers to all principal / primary cardholders of ICBC (Thai) Credit Cards.
  • ' ICBC Credit Card'; means all credit cards issued by ICBC (Thai).
  • ' Points' means the ICBC (Thai) Credit Card rewards points earned through usage of the card under the stipulations in the Account Terms and Conditions. Points may be used to redeem for rewards or Cash Back as determined by ICBC (Thai) in our absolute discretion.
  • ' Points Balance' means the current amount of Points you have accrued through usage of your card account. The Points Balance appears on your monthly statement .
  • ' Cash Back' means the redemption of points for a credit to your card account, reducing your card account outstanding balance.
  • ' Participating Merchant' refers to the merchants listed that participated in accordance with the terms and conditions of ICBC (Thai).
  • ' Eligible Transaction' refers to the charge of Cardholder's purchase at participating merchant to a ICBC (Thai) Credit Card, where the description of the transaction posted to the Cardholder's Credit Card contains the participating merchant's name or MCC. Purchase amount per sale slip shall meet specified amount according to the terms and conditions of ICBC (Thai).
  • Cardholder’s point balance shall meet specified volume as determined by ICBC (Thai).
  • Cardholder who wishes to make point redemption must register via the link ICBC (Thai) sent to the Cardholder. Point redemption Application Link has validity period. Cardholder shall apply for point redemption within validity period.
  • Once Cardholder applies successfully, the link will be invalid.
  • Once Cardholder cancels the purchase transaction before he/she apply for point redemption, the link will be invalid and Cardholder cannot apply for it anymore.
  • Once the Cardholder has redeemed the points for credit, the Cardholders cannot change or cancel the redemption.
  • Cash Back is only reserved for Cardholders whose card status is normal with good payment history throughout the Program period and until the date that Cash Back is credited.
  • Other terms and conditions as determined by ICBC(Thai) shall apply
  • ICBC (Thai) reserves the right to change any term and condition of the Program. In case of any disagreement/dispute, ICBC (Thai)’s decision is final.


Conditions for redeeming ICBC (Thai) credit card reward points to cash back via SMS notification:
  • The point redemption of ICBC (Thai) credit card is valid from 9 Dec 2021 onwards.
  • We reserve the right to redeem the reward points to cash back only for all types of ICBC(Thai) primary Credit Cardholders.
  • Customer can redeem reward points for cash back when have spending in department store (MCC 5311), supermarket (MCC 5411), restaurant (MCC 5812) and gas station (MCC 5541 and 5412) only.
  • Spending from 1,000 baht / sales slip or more in the designated stores, customers will receive SMS notifications for redeeming reward points to cash back via mobile phone number registered with the bank.
  • Customer must click the link shown in the SMS to redeem the reward points to get cash back. The reward points that can be redeemed start at 5,000 points, which is equal to 25 Baht of cash back.
  • Customers who want to redeem the cash back must make a transaction via the link within 48 hours after receiving the SMS. Otherwise, the link will be invalid.
  • Limited redemption of reward points for cash back not more than 50% of the spending amount / transaction / sales slip and not more than the value of point balance that customers have.
  • When the customer successfully redeemed the points, cash back will be credited into customer's credit card within the same redemption day. There will be two transaction records on the credit card statement: the first record is a list showing the total spending amount, another record is the cash back balance.
  • Once the customer has registered to redeem the reward points for cash back, customer will not be able to cancel the transaction. In case the customer cancels the payment transaction before registering for point redemption, the link will be invalid.
  • Point redemption can be used only for spending in Thai currency (Baht) only.
  • Cash rebate is only reserved for cardholders whose card status is normal with good payment history on the date of successfully redeeming the points for credit cash back.
  • The bank reserves the right to change any the terms and conditions, details, and benefits, by notifying the customers 30 days in advance.
  • For more information, please contact ICBC (Thai) Call Center at 0 2629 5588.