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PromptPay Service
PromptPay service is the new way to pay/transfer money using Citizen ID number or mobile phone number instead of account number to make a transaction


1.Fast and convenient
2.Safe and secure

Begin with PromptPay

Money Receiver – Must register to link bank account with citizen ID or Mobile Number

Sender – No need to register to make a transfer via PromptPay service

Service Conditions

-Need to be individual customer
-Applicable to saving and current account
-Not applicable to joint account
-Account owner and Citizen ID/Mobile Phone owner need to be same person
-To register with Citizen ID: Only applicable to Thai Citizen ID holder only
-To register with Citizen ID: Applicable to both Thai citizen and foreigner but mobile phone number need to be registered in Thailand only

Register Channel and Supporting Documents

ICBC Thai customer can register for PromptPay service at ICBC Thai Bank’s branch

To apply with Citizen ID (for Thai citizen)

1.PromptPay service application form and Service T&C
2.Thai Citizen ID

To apply with Mobile Phone Number (for Thai citizen or foreigner)

1.PromptPay service application form and Service T&C
2.Thai Citizen ID or Passport
3.The mobile phone invoice or bill statement showing owner name

***customer can get the application form and service T&C at ICBC Thai Bank’s branch

Mobile Phone Owner Verification via USSD Service

In case the customer will not be able to provide the supporting document to verify the mobile phone number owner, customer may be able to use USSD service to verify with the following conditions

USSD service conditions

-Only used for AIS, DTAC and True Move network
-Available for postpaid and prepaid service
-Available for the mobile phone number registered with Thai citizen ID only

1.Press *179*Citizen ID 13 digits# and call out (example *179*1234567890123#)

2.Mobile Screen with show result if the input citizen ID number is same as the registered number or not (the result with show in Thai language)

The Limitation of PromptPay Service Registration

-1 bank account can linked with maximum 4 ID, including 1 citizen ID number and 3 mobile phone numbers
-1 ID can linked with 1 bank account only

How to transfer using PromptPay service

Money Receiver

1.Register PromptPay service
2.Inform the mobile phone number or citizen ID number
3.Wait for money receving at account registered with PromptPay


1.Select the transfer channel (currently, available to transfer via ICBC Internet Banking channel only)
2.Specific mobile phone number or citizen ID number of receiver
3.Verify receiver’s customer name everytime before submit transaction